We live in the desert.

We live in the desert. No really we do. My husband took that picture  on a little mountain behind our house.

The beautiful, beautiful, albeit very hot, dry, windy, predator-filled desert. An interesting place to make your homestead…no?

But aside from a 120 degree summers and coyotes that are perpetually trying to eat my chickens, we have three growing seasons, winters that barely touch freezing, and lots and lots of swimming pools. Which doesn’t have anything to do with farming. Unless you are the farmer, and you, like me, like to swim. If bikinis are your thing, farm-girl, move to Arizona.

Desert farming is really in it’s own bracket. Except for too many articles on keeping your chickens cool, there is a surprising lack of information. Do a search on google about desert chicken raising. Do it right now. What comes up? Oh, sorry was that NOTHING?! Oh yes it was.  Because it’s completely it’s own thing, and apparently, nobody in the world blogs about it. (Except for one fantastic, Arizona goat-loving blogger, who doesn’t write very much about chickens, sorry DaNelle). This is part of the reason I decided to start this blog. The fact that I know so little about desert farming, just like, apparently, the rest of the world. Let’s learn together, shall we?


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