Homemade Almond Flour and a Recipe for Breakfast Blondies


Oh yes I did.

I love blondies. My mom who loves me makes me blondies when she wants to speak an extra blessing right into to my heart…via my mouth.

I don’t just love this recipe because it’s paleo (which it happens to be), or because it’s GAPS friendly (which it also happens to be). But because it reminds me of blondies. That I get to eat for breakfast.

Not that I wouldn’t eat regular blondies for breakfast. Because I totally would.
But these I eat with impunity.

This is not your typical this-only-looks-like-real-food paleo breakfast food. Like paleo pancakes that look like real pancakes but are really made out of squash. And taste like aerated squash. Does anyone else hate those? My husband and I did a stint on the GAPS diet and I was so disappointed by those you-think-you’re-about-to-eat-a-pancake pancakes.

But these!!! These are not your average “I only look like real food” blondies, they are AMAZING!!!!!!

And I tell you what, they better be for the trouble I go through to make them.

It’s not that the recipe itself is overly complicated. It’s just that it calls for almond flour.

Which goes for more than $12 a pound at the grocery store. Which I would never spend. Not just because I have a husband who works at a nut processing plant and can bring me home almonds willy-nilly, but because almonds (even if I were paying for them, cost half that. I would rather have no almond flour than pay that. That’s retarded.

So, I make my own almond flour. And now, thanks to this tutorial, so can you. Thank me later, you haven’t tried it yet.

Homemade Almond Flour

First boil water (this is a very complicated recipe)


Then, add almonds.


Woah! Not too many! You’ll have to work in batches here, people. If you pour in 3lbs of almonds you’re going to be here until next april.

I added about three cups to this pot, like so.

Let them blanch for a minute or two.


Strain them, and then get them into the bowl of ice water that you have waiting. See? I had mine ready.




Let them sit for a few minutes while the skins loosen.

And then, here comes the really fun part, you pinch the skins off of the almonds on by one. It’s actually not very hard. The boiling water, followed by the ice bath makes the skins loose. It just takes a reealllly long time.

Pinch the almond between your fingers like so.


Easy! Aim it into the bowl or there will be nuts flying all over the place. Take this opportunity to launch one at your husband.
You’ll get the hang of it. It’s not hard, just time consuming.

These three cups of almonds will probably take about 3 years to do. I’m not joking.

Take a break to flip the record over.


After you’re done, you’ll have a bowl of shiny white almonds and a bowl of skins for your compost bin…or your trash can.


Spread the almonds out on a kitchen towel to dry.


Like so.

If you want to speed things along, put another towel on top and roll them up tight like a burrito a few times.

Next, get out your blender, because if you’re too cheap like me, you don’t have a food processor.


The trick to grinding almond flour in the blender is turn it on before you put the almonds in.

Put the lid on without the little plug.


Scoop up a good sized handful with both hands and, with the blender already going on medium or so, pour the almonds through the center of your hands into the whole in the lid. Get your hands over the whole pretty quick because otherwise almond bits will be flying everywhere.

Breakfast Blondies 13

Make sure you don’t over process or you’ll have almond butter instead of flour. Turn the blender off when the biggest pieces have broken down, but you still have a few chunks. This will make almond flour about the consistency of Bob’s Redmill. If you need a finer grind, you’ll have to use a coffee grinder and sift through a fine-mesh strainer.



Continue working in small batches until you’ve processed all of your almonds; dumping the contents out of the blender after every batch.


I store my almond flour in the freezer to keep it from spoiling, because after all of that work, that would be really sad.

Now! For the reason we’re doing all of this work in the first place….

Breakfast Blondies

This is an adaptation of a recipe I found for paleo granola bars. No offense to the originator of this recipe, but I don’t remember who you are! Sorry!

You’ll need

1 cup almond flour
1 cup mixed nuts
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 egg
1/2 cup almond butter
1/4 cup honey
Dried fruit to taste

Mix all of the ingredients well in a medium sized bowl; stir in the fruit last.



I probably use between a half a cup and a cup of fruit. It I just depends on what you like. I’m this batch I’ve got raisins, sultanas, cherries and cranberries.

Press the mixture into a well greased 8×8 pan, or this cute pan from my mom.


Lick the bowl like a crazy four year old.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. It’s ok if it comes out looking a little glossy. A toothpick will come out mostly clean.


Serve warm topped with homemade yogurt and berries.



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