Wimpy Broth Soup

Today it’s raining outside.

Rainy Day

Raining outside our house

Look! There’s something green growing out there!

I’ve had the sniffles for about a week, and I decided to work from home today. And, after too many servings of donuts and orange rolls, I was really craving some good ol’ hearty (and healthy) comfort food.

I’ve had a crock pot of broth simmering on the counter this week, but since I’ve been dipping into it mug by mug over the last several days, what’s left in there is tasting pretty watered down, and well…wimpy.

My husband will attest to our shockingly empty fridge…. And since we’ve been rooting out most convenience foods from the pantry, there’s not really a lot going on that’s ready for munching. The freezer has a couple of cuts of meat, but that would take thawing, and probably more than an hour of cooking. And I’m hungry right now. Oh, wait…here’s a bag of frozen meatballs my mom gave me in August…

Kitchen counter

Wimpy Broth Soup

Start with the three slices of uncooked pasture-raised bacon left in the fridge. Snip them into 1 inch pieces with kitchen shears and start the burner on medium high. You’re using your enamel cast iron dutch oven, right? Ok, me too.

Next, cut an onion pole to pole and remove outer skin. Slicing off the poles, cut the onion across into half-rings, and add to the bacon after it’s rendered it’s fat. Don’t add the onions too soon or the bacon won’t crisp, and soggy bacon in soup is just really gross, right Grace? (Poor Gracie had to eat a really funky clam chowder I made once with soggy bacon. Just say No!)

Cut up the only veggies in the crisper, in this case two carrots,  into smallish slices. Remove slimy chard from veggie drawer and wipe up the mess.

Turn the heat down to low and let the carrots and onion cook in the bacon fat until softened, then add 6 enormous cloves of garlic, minced. (Good for the old immune system, eh? And we’re trying to umph up our wimpy broth).

When the garlic is fragrant, but not brown, add in a small can of diced tomatoes. Or, since I opened a large can of whole peeled tomatoes by mistake, add those in. Crush up the tomatoes with your wooden spoon after they’re in the pot.

Wimpy Broth Soup 1

Next, ladle in 4 cups of wimpy broth. Add the frozen meatballs from 6 months ago and 4 handfuls of elbow pasta.

Turn up the heat and gently boil until pasta is cooked and meatballs are warmed through.


Serve with parsley from the Vegetable Coop.

Wow. Eat another bowl.

No seriously. That’s really good. I love soup! Somehow anything you throw in there tastes good. (Especially when you start with bacon and onions.)





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