I’m a pretty gung-ho person.

I tend to be really all in or all out, and once I’m focused on something, it takes up most of my thoughts until its run it’s course.

I’m the type of person that once I hear there is a ‘right’ way to do something, I’m determined to eliminate all of the ‘wrong’ way from my life. And, if I’m not careful, can easily become a bit judgmental of anyone who is not ‘right’ along with me.

It makes me a bit prone to condemnation as well. You know, feelings of failure, fear of disappointing and generally trying too hard.

I’ve been having revelations of grace lately. And part of that includes using the word ‘gradual’.

…And sometimes ‘never’.

I love the idea of self sustainability, and the concept of the traditional diet and the Weston A. Price Foundation make sense to me.

Conventionally raised meats gross me out, and I’ve seriously had the thought while eating a chicken salad at a restaurant, “Was anyone nice to this chicken?”

I understand that sprouting grains, nuts and legumes ‘unlocks’ their nutritional value and makes them lower on the glycemic index.

Saturated fats are the building blocks of skin. Not to mention the brain is made of fat. It makes sense to me that healthy fats, including saturated fats and pasture-raised animal fats, help heal the gut, prevent skin cancer, and decrease brain deterioration.

I see the value in traditionally fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir and kombucha.

And I would like to live a life free of pesticides, chemicals and genetic engineering.

Not to mention that I would like to grow or raise all of the food at home…for cheap.

The other day my husband and I were chatting about our current level of fast food intake. We both love the idea of eating healthy. And we both see the dangers in over consumption of corn, soy and oils overly-high in omega-6 fatty acids. But frankly, I’m almost 8 months pregnant and we both work full time. Finding the time to prepare traditional foods is hard. And french fries taste really good sometimes.

That being said, as I looked at our diet overall, and the progress that we’ve made even in the last year, I felt really encouraged. And the word ‘gradual’ came back to me.

Some day I would like to:

Eat all homemade meals

Raise all of our meat

Keep bees

Have dairy goats

Ferment or sprout all of my grains, nuts and legumes

Bake my own bread


But already we:

Raise meat chickens

Eat farm eggs

Make bone broth

Are growing vegetables

and make homemade yogurt.

And bake our own bread sometimes…

Over all we probably eat about 40% the way I would like to.


And that’s pretty amazing! I would be crazy to be discouraged or feel like we’re not doing enough. Change takes time, and adding pressure takes the fun out of it.

I would rather be delighted by the progress that we’ve made than lament the steps we haven’t taken yet.

So, here’s to GRADUAL!


Pigs are in the 2 year plan

Goats and bees are in the 5 year plan

A cow might be in the 10 year, if ever, plan

Not to mention, when the kids are older I can make them do all of the work. Isn’t that why farmers have kids?





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