A Broody Hen!

Our Buff Orpington, Arnold (get it?), is broody.

I went out to collect the eggs this morning, and there she was, puffed up in the bucket, same place as yesterday. When I reached in to get the eggs from underneath her, she gave me a warning squawk, and it hit me…she’s gone broody! HOW EXCITING!

Arnold the Broody Hen

We’ve had dreams of broody chickens and someday hatching eggs here at the Paynestead. And what good timing. Our recent batch of laying chicks had one fence jumper, Cowboy the Rooster. (Who should be the new model for Kellogg’s, I have to say). And thus, fertile eggs are a possibility.

Cowboy the Kellogg's Rooster

I carefully picked up her bucket and placed her into a personal broody coop, where she can raise her (hopeful) chicks in peace.

Broody Coop

20 more days and counting… I’ll keep you posted.


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