GAPS, it’s been a long time coming

So, a month before Othniel was born I tested positive for Strep B.

Reeeaally positive.

Like throughout my whole system positive. And for those of you who don’t know, Strep B is harmless for adults, but for infants can be fatal.

So naturally we did what any loving parents would do…we prayed. Reeeaally prayed. And I knew I was healed. So I got tested again, and I was healed. But get this, we prayed and asked, and  I was still supposed to get the antibiotics…

Errrr! I hate antibiotics! And all the effects they have on the body….and my son’s body! But pray we did and so obey I would. Who knew what was going on that only the Lord understands…

But antibiotics do have side effects. They can kill your good gut flora, the friendly bacteria that defend your gut wall and help you digest your food. So when I stared getting bad stomach pain after eating and patches of psoriasis on my shoulders, I knew what was up…time for GAPS.

GAPS is a gut healing diet (or protocol) that eliminates all starch and sugar, and walks you through the process of introducing foods in a specific order that allows your gut to heal through an “intro” diet.

So for the past three weeks I’ve been walking through the world of bone broth, mushy vegetables and organ meats. Along with nuts, butter and healthy fats, eggs and fermented dairy and veggies. This week I intruded raw veggies. Which is wonderful. Ahh the joys of a fresh picked tomato, still warm from the sunshine!

I’m having to relearn how I think about food. Previously all dishes ask, what’s your starch? Eggs and toast, meat and potatoes, chicken and rice… And generally its recommended once you start GAPS that you stay on it for two years at least… So I’m talking really re-think food.

But its been good. I’m seeing the healing start already. And I’m being introduced to new foods, and I’m learning how to make more homemade things… yogurt, crackers, granola bars and cheese. Sure makes me grateful for this recipe.

I feel healthier and I’m losing weight, and Othniel’s started gaining more weight… And I’ve always struggled with poor digestion, and I’m looking forward to healing.

In fact, this old fashioned way of eating is closer to how I’ve been wanting to eat. REAL FOOD. This is just forcing me to get there quicker than I “gradually” would have.

So it’s been good.

I’ll keep posting recipes, but they’ll be GAPS friendly (and still equally tasty).

Here’s to your health!


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