Let Your Husband Work

As I type this, Bryan is sleeping away, because at 5:30 am, he got home from work and we traded places in bed.

He’s been working the night shift for the last 6 months or so, getting home anywhere between 1 and 6am depending on the day. He’s a hard working man. And I’m better for it.

I’ve got something dear on my heart this morning. It’s about letting your husband work.

God made men to know Him through working. After the fall, God made (what my dad says is better translated ‘contract’ than ‘curse’) a deal with humanity. Men would know Him through working with their hands,  and now work is integral to their identities.

A man is made to throw himself into his work. That’s where he meets God. That’s where God shapes and forms him. And that’s how God uses him to provide for you, his wife.

I’ve seen so many wives despise their husbands for working so hard, and than wonder why they are poor and lazy.

As wives we have to (HAVE TO) be proud of our husbands for their work. It’s an affirmation only we wives can give, and it can make the difference between a strong man and a broken man.

Picture this. Man gets told at work that there’s a shipment behind and he’s going to have to work late tonight, and probably for the rest of the week. *Sigh* He’d rather be home with his kids. He calls his wife…

WHAT?! You’re working late again!!! Don’t you know that I’ve slaved over supper for you and now your going to have to eat it cold out of a container tomorrow. You’re ALWAYS working! Don’t you know that I need time with you, too?! What about us? Don’t you care about our family at ALL?!

Now man has to work late, and wishes he could work later. Because the thought of going home to a steaming wife makes him feel defeated.

Picture this. Man gets told at work that there’s a shipment behind and he’s going to have to work late tonight, and probably for the rest of the week. *Sigh* He’d rather be home with his wife. He calls home…

Oh, baby I’m sorry, that sucks. No I understand, they need you. It’s because no one else can do your job like you can. You make me so proud, baby! I’m sure this meatloaf will be great on sandwiches tomorrow. SAY GOODNIGHT TO YOUR DADDY, KIDS!

Now the man feels empowered to work hard and wishes he could come home sooner, because his wife makes him feel so strong.

This man keeps the right perspective on work and family. This man can work hard and is given promotions and honor. This man can provide for his family and feel like a man doing it. This man is a better father because he knows his kids are taught to be proud of him. This man will be better in the sack, because a defeated man is no good lover.

Men were made to work and be good at it. To make a difference, and to be strong. A man who is allowed to pour his heart into his work will have more time for you, because his mind may be at work, but his heart will be at home. If you despise him for working, he won’t be with you in his heart even when he is home. It wouldn’t matter how much time you had together, you would still feel alone in your marriage.

Wives. Let your husbands work hard. It will make your life so much better.


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  1. Amanda says:

    This is wonderful. A message so many wives (myself included) need to be reminded of.


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