Waiting and moving and why I haven’t written in 14 months

What a year! Good heavens first of all I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to write. I got healed from my intestinal damage (due to strep b while pregnant and an extreme but necessary dosage of antibiotics) after my husband prayed for me last November. It was a miracle. It was incredible. It was unexpected and hard to explain and I wasn’t sure how to write about it. I had been enjoying posting all of my paleo and gaps friendly recipes but suddenly didn’t need to eat in a restricted way anymore and wasn’t sure what to post.

In January my husband and I found out we were pregnant, which was incredibly joyful, even though our son was only 9 months old at the time. First trimester was leaving me tired and unmotivated and in the middle of all of the hormonal changes, my dad got fired on false charges from the company that he, myself and my husband all worked for…(awkward…). I was consulting, and they basically stopped communicating with me (and stopped paying invoices), but kept my husband on and tried to act normal. This was, needless to say, a high stress time for our family, and coupled with the hormones, sent me into a depression.

My husband and I decided that it was time to sell our house and we put it on the market, planning on using the profits to fund a career change for him while he started a business in real estate investment, and he quit his job (Hallelujah). “Better a morsel in peace than great feasting with strife.”

Our house was under contract 4 times, the first three all falling out within a week of the closing date, meaning we were packed and waiting to move for 5 months. We lost the house we were planning on moving into because of the delay, and after our house finally closed in August, we moved into the converted garage apartment at my parent’s house. Meanwhile, I was planning a home birth, and trying to figure out what home it would be in… Even though the space is small, and the stairs are uncommonly steep, it’s really cute, and I’m so grateful not to have to wonder where we are going to move anymore. I’m so tired of zillow. We can stay here as long as we need to, and move at our own pace.

Evelyn, our daughter, decided to arrive 2 weeks late on Oct.22 after a castor oil induction. All of us, myself, my husband, my prophetic dad, and the midwife all thought she was coming early, which made waiting the extra 14 days incredibly difficult. But at last, here she was. And she is perfect, and beautiful, and the easiest baby there ever was, aside from Jesus I assume. She smiles all the time, is happy, perfectly content and is like a glass of cold water to me after all of the waiting and intensity of the last year.

Othniel, our son, is one-and-a-half and about to be potty trained, because he eats like a man and mama is tired of washing his cloth diapers (besides, the new one needs them). He is charming. He has the best laugh and is discovering his independence. He loves his little sister ferociously and is constantly smothering her in kisses.

Bryan’s business is taking off. He and his partners are really getting into the swing of things, and now we are only waiting for the renovated investment properties to sell.

So, basically, it’s been a year that’s easier to write about looking backwards.

My parent’s house is a on a flood irrigated 2 acres and we brought our chickens with us. Bryan hopes to start a vegetable garden when he has a bit of free time, and maybe, when the funds start coming in, we will finally get our pigs.


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