IMG_2605My husband and I have a fifty year plan for self sustainability. That’s very funny. I read that sentence and it made it sound like we actually have a strategy completely penned out for each step of the next fifty years and how they contribute to the ultimate goal of living off of our own land… No. Not really. I guess what he have is a fifty year concept. Fifty itself being, well, figurative.

So, what we really have is a reeaaallly slow plan for our change from city slicker, walmart shoppers to real life farmers living sustainably off our own land. Like an end of the world plan, minus all of the creepy, prepper, bomb-shelter imagery. Just a beautiful plan to set our kids, and our grandkids up for success, should you know, the dollar collapse and food prices sky rocket or the government illegalize all real food… not that that would ever happen.

But, I guess, more than a plan for the safety of our imaginary children, or grandchildren (except for the first bun, just out of the oven), the idea of having chickens running around our yard makes us really happy. So there.

“50 years, though, couldn’t you do it faster?” You’re asking, I’m sure.

Yes. We could.

But we don’t want to. We’ve decided to take on my sister Heather’s word for the year…Gradual. We’ve decided not to add anything new until everything that we already have going has become routine, manageable, something we do without thought or extra stress. When keeping laying hens became routine, we added rabbits (which still won’t have any babies, by the way), when we got the rabbits down, we added meat chickens… You get the idea. Gradual.

That way, just because I want sustainable chickens someday doesn’t mean that I have to master roosters and broody hens and incubators right now. Right now I’ll buy my chicks from the pet store and make hatching chicks part of the 10 year plan.


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