Fried Apples with Bacon and Onions

This morning I roasted a chicken. Odd timing to be roasting a chicken, yes I know, but something needed to be cooked and I needed to head into work today, so after I fed Othniel at 6:30am I put a chicken in the oven and went to Sprouts to buy the ingredients to make this……

Salmon stuffed peppers with garlic butter and goat cheese

I got the idea for this GAPS-friendly recipe from a dish that my mom cooks. It’s seafood baked in a pimento cream cheese sauce and served over rice. Really tasty. This is kind of a deconstructed version, with cauliflower florets instead of rice, and a nice garlic butter drizzle for oomph. The goat cheese I’m using…

Wimpy Broth Soup

Today it’s raining outside. Look! There’s something green growing out there! I’ve had the sniffles for about a week, and I decided to work from home today. And, after too many servings of donuts and orange rolls, I was really craving some good ol’ hearty (and healthy) comfort food. I’ve had a crock pot of broth…

Homemade Almond Flour and a Recipe for Breakfast Blondies

Oh yes I did. I love blondies. My mom who loves me makes me blondies when she wants to speak an extra blessing right into to my heart…via my mouth. I don’t just love this recipe because it’s paleo (which it happens to be), or because it’s GAPS friendly (which it also happens to be)….

The first kill…and a recipe for roast chicken

December 26th, my husband Bryan and I slaughtered our first meat chickens. Yes I know that’s an abrupt first sentence. And there’s not really any reason that it was the day after Christmas, except that we had a day off, and had been commenting for a few weeks on how BIG the chickens were getting….